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60 AMP/400HZ REVERSING switchbox




The SB-400-60R is a rugged lightweight motor controller used primarily to control wall saws and slab saw motors.

It has both a voltmeter and amp meter so the operator can run the motor at it’s maximum efficiency.

The switchbox has one 73 Amp input and one 73 Amp output plug for economy and simplicity.

Additional output plugs, available with or without controlling switches can be added to the switchbox for convenience.

It has a rotary reversing switch to quickly change the rotation direction of the diamond tool. Convenient rear mounted hooks are provided for hanging this switchbox from a ladder or other locations.



    • Size: 8” X 9” X 12”
    • Weight: 16 Pounds
    • Capacity:
      • 60 Amps (20 HP)
      • 200 Volts
      • 400 HZ
      • 3-Phase



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