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40 HP Continuous Duty water cooled Motor




The ME-450 is a large, heavy duty, 4 pole (12,000 RPM) 400Hz motor that is designed to be used for heavy applications such as flat sawing on bridge decks and wall sawing up to 30 inches deep from side to side.

This unit is totally enclosed, water cooled and uses a special bolt-on gearbox to reduce its speed to a more useful RPM.

The ME-450 is "down rated" to only 40 HP to keep the rotor temperatures down on high load, long time period applications. The 40 HP rating is developed at 120 AMP's of running load.

This motor is capable of 50-60 HP for short periods of time.



    • MI-502 Gearbox (1.5: 1/2: 1/3: 1/4:1)



    • Size: 10 inches X 10 inches X 14 inches

    • Weight: 46 Pounds

    • Capacity: 40 HP Continuous

    • Electrical:
      • 120 Amps
      • 200-*235 Volts
      • 400 Hz
      • 3-Phase
      • 135 Amp
      • Input Plug
    • Water Cooled

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