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4.5 HP, 24, 000 RPM air cooled Motor




The ME-420SC is a 24,000 RPM, 4.5 HP, 400 Hz Electric Motor designed for use on the CD-510A and CD-510N 8-speed Core Drill gearboxes. It is a "special: motor for small hole drilling.

An ME-420SC Motor on the CD-510A gear box gives output speeds from 300 RPM to 3,200 RPM. CD-510N output speeds are slightly lower. All output speeds are listed on CD-510A and CD-510N catalog sheets.

A cast aluminum cover bolts over the output side of this motor to protect the gear and bearing from dirt when it is not mounted on the gearbox.

* A special slip clutch protects the mating gearbox.



    • Cover Place CD500-129


    • Size: 5.5 inches X 5 3.4 inches X 8 3/4 inches

    • Weight: 14 Pounds

    • Output: 4.5 Horsepower

    • Electrical:
      • 15 Amps
      • 200 Volts
      • 400 Hz
      • 3=Phase
    • * Patent Pending

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