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10.7 HP, 2,400 RPM Motor




The ME-415 is an open, air cooled motor that is the lightest output shaft design 400 Hz unit available. It is very economical to use on the FS-400 Electric Flat Saw Frame as it does not require an adaptor for the belt drive. It is an excellent motor for use on the FS-400 Flat Saw Frame for Core Drill or Wall Saw trucks.

The Me-415 has an excellent starting characteristics and can be started and run at slightly reduced power with a 7.5 KW static converter or a 7.5 KW generator.



    • Size:6.5 inches X 9.5 inches X 13 inches

    • Weight: 28.5 Pounds

    • Output RPM 2,400

      Capacity 10.7 Horsepower

    • Electrical:
      • 35 Amp
      • 200 Volt
      • 400 HZ
      • 3-Phase

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