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15 HP, Water Cooled 2,000 RPM Motor




The ME-413A is the newest and most modern 400 Hz motor design available. It is a heavy duty, water cooled, totally enclosed motor designed for the toughest use. With its 2,000 RPM output speed, it is primarily used as a Wall Saw Motor when slow blade speed is desired.

The gearbox uses a carbon face seal and extra wide, heavy pitch gear teeth for maximum reliability. It has the same output torque as its high speed cousin the ME-414A. It has an AN-201 Adaptor Flange and a 5/8 inch spline coupler for maximum application flexibility.

The ME-413A is designed for easy maintenance with a slip-on quick change pinion gear and small diameter long-life carbon gearbox seal.



  • Size: 10.5 inches X 7.5 inches X 10 Inches
    • Weight: 33 Pounds

    • Output Speed: 2,000 RPM

    • Capacity: 15 Horsepower

    • Electrical 45 Amp

      • 200V

        400 HZ


      • 73 Amp Military Style Input Connector

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