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20 Inch 400 HZ Hand Saw
HS 420




The HS-420 hand saw is a heavy duty, medium RPM Hand Saw designed to cut completely through 8 inch thick walls. It is powered by a sealed 7 1/2 horsepower water cooled, 400 HZ motor. The motor has a thermal overload shut-off for protection and a slip clutch for maximum gear life and operator safety. The saw has a one inch round arbor to permit the use of any standard diamond blade. It has an internal built in slip clutch for protection.

The primary use for the HS-420 is production hand sawing of concrete between 5” and 8¼” deep. It is often used as a substitute for special slab sawing jobs where set-up is difficult or access to the job is limited.

This saw is capable of 100% rated power hundreds of feet from its power source, and is one of the most versatile hand tools developed for the concrete cutting industry.


    • Size: 17” H x 8” W x 24 L”

    • Weight: 37 Lbs

    • Max. Blade Size: 20”

    • RPM: 2,100

    • Motor

      • 7.5 HP
      • 25 Amp
      • 200 V
      • 400 HZ
      • 3-Phase
      • 12,000 RPM

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