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Mid-size self propelled flat saw




The HS-414 hand saw is a heavy duty, lightweight hand saw that is considered the standard of the industry by operators who use it. It is hermetically sealed, has 7½ horsepower, water cooled motor and can saw up to 5⅜” deep. The 14 inch diamond blade rotates at 2600 RPM for optimum blade performance and the saw features a 1 inch round arbor and pin drive to permit the use of any standard diamond blade. It has an internal slip clutch built in for protection.

The primary use for the HS-414 is production sawing of concrete between 2” and 5⅜” deep. It is often used as a substitute for special slab sawing or wall sawing jobs where set-up is difficult or access to the job is limited. The HS414 is standard equipment for wall saw and core drill trucks for miscellaneous sawing.

This saw is capable of 100% power output hundreds of feet from its power source. It is one of the most versatile hand tools developed for the concrete cutting industry.


    • Size: 18" L X 8" W X 14" H

    • Weight: 32 Pounds

    • Max. Blade Size: 14 Inches

    • RPM: 2,600

    • Motor:

      • 7.5 HP
      • 25 Amp
      • 200V
      • 400 HZ
      • 3 Phase
      • 12,000 RPM

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