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Water Pump

400 HZ Water Pump

The MI-409 water pump is a powerful, low RPM 400 HZ motor and brass gear water pump that can be adjusted to over 100# of pressure and run for years without problems.

It uses a military circuit breaker for on/off and for motor protection in case of problems.





Gearbox System Gearbox System (1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 Ratios)

The MI-502 gearbox system is required to be used with ME-420; ME-425, and ME-430 400HZ motors. They can also be used as supplementary gearboxes for your existing motors to speed up or slow down your diamond cutting tools.

These gearboxes all use AN-2001 flanges for both input and output and ⅝ spline couplings for both input and output drives. This means the gearboxes can be mixed and matched to get almost any RPM you require, either lower or higher than previously possible.

For example: a wall saw gearbox using a 3,000 RPM motor has output speed of 1,000 RPM. For sawing special jobs with large blades you could insert an MI-502-2 with a 1.5:1 ratio that would produce a 668 RPM output speed or the MI-502-3 with a 2:1 ratio which would produce a 500 RPM output speed, or the MI-502-4 with a 3:1 ration would produce 333 RPM output speed or the MI-502-5 with 4:1 ratio would produce 250 RPM output speed.