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Can 400 HertZ Power Help you?


If you have a machine that needs high power, we can make it lighter weight, more powerful and safer to use!

The commercial power producers in the United States (the “Edison” Co’s) provide alternating current (A/C) power for home and industry. This power limits the RPM of the fastest induction motor to a maximum of 3,600 RPM.

The maximum speed of a 400HZ  induction motor is 24,000 RPM, approximately seven times faster than is possible with a 60HZ motor.

This higher speed and the use of higher quality wire and lamination steel make it possible to produce motors with 10 times the power for the same weight and same size as a 60HZ motor.

We build quality 400 HZ custom motors designed to meet our customer's requirements in all sizes up to 200HP, we also offer maintenance and repair services to maintain or improve your existing motors.
Give us a call at 877-755-1234 to discuss your specific needs.

Ed Dempsey

Ed Dempsey, Founder

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  • Air - Water Cooled
  • 5HP to 200HP
  • 24,000 | 12,000 | 8,000 | 6,000 RPM
  • Custom Designs For Special Applications
  • Available Motors

Frequency Inverters

  • 1 KW / 50 KW



  • 10 KW - 96 KW
  • Diesel & Gasoline


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